When you dedicate your time to curating something special there's a ripple effect within the people that interact with it. Through our books and blog, we will be sharing behind-the-scenes stories of our collaborations, interviews with collectors, and much more. Our aim is to forge a connection between you, the reader, and the remarkable individuals that have dedicated their time to become the steward of their collection. By sharing their stories, we hope to spark your curiosity and inspire a pursuit of the experiences that bring you joy and wonder. 

Conversations with Collectors

One of our favorite parts of the design process is speaking with the collectors themselves. When Jason walked into the Dorow Collection for the first time, Tatiana Dorow invited him to sit quietly among the crystals within the gallery before they discussed the collection. Since every visitor has a different intention & context for being there, each person experiences the collection differently. The colors, clarity, size, formations and inclusions within the crystals appeal stand out differently to someone looking for a statement piece for their home vs.  a photographer, jeweler, or designer looking for creative inspiration. 

This applies to the Dorow Collection's book as well—Arquivistas, Portuguese for archivist, will be seen differently by each person that looks through its pages. Once we began working on the book, our perspective of the crystals transformed after seeing Matthew & Jessica Roharik use their photography & set design expertise to capture the intricacies and clarity of each specimen. Even after designing, editing and printing Arquivistas, Jason and I continue to see new details every time we revisit the book. 

It's been a fascinating collaboration that began while sitting quietly amongst the crystals and expanded to the formation of a creative team, the creation of a book & publishing company, and will continue to resonate with each reader. 


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